The essential guide to data-driven DEI transformation

Mar 2023

Dandi wanted to put together a thought leadership lead magnet that positions them as experts within the DEI space. This best-practice guide features a blend of expert interviews, academic and industry research, and best practice advice for organisations to build a more transformative, effective, and data-driven DEI function.

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How to use performance management to inspire employee growth

Jul 2022

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Habit building: How to create healthy habits that last

Jan 2021

We're all creatures of habit, so the saying goes. But what does it take to build new ones that stick? In our newest guide Creating healthy habits that last: your five-step blueprint, we unpack the steps you need to take to make small changes that add up to big results. It covers:

- The psychology of building habits
- Why the 21-day myth might be setting you up to fail
- Five steps to follow to make changes that last

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Interviewer training that raises the bar

Jun 2022

Strategic evergreen content that blends academic research, interviews, and a data-driven narrative to position Metaview as a category leader for interviewer training.

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Reimagining Recruitment

Sep 2021

The future of recruitment, in the words of the experts

Learn about:
✔ Hidden biases in candidate sourcing
✔ Modern approaches to the traditional hiring ‘funnel’
✔ The rise of candidate experience (and how to deliver it)
✔ The next big developments in recruitment tech

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