Freelance content writer for HR tech and B2B SaaS

Editorial-quality, research-backed case studies, articles, and long-form content that cements credibility, fuels growth, and tells your brand story.

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Long story short

I’m Camille — a former journalist, PhD and freelance content writer for HR tech and B2B SaaS companies.

I’ve written for venture capital organisations, productivity startups, and leading HR tech startups like Humaans, Metaview, Lattice, and Peakon.

I specialise in creating research-backed, editorial quality content and brand journalism for some of the best tech companies around.

Content that’s backed by PhD-level academic research. That’s informed by living and breathing HR tech and B2B SaaS for 4 years. That’s crafted from years spent writing columns and features for print media.

All without skimping on immersive, journalist-quality storytelling that makes your content feel human — and that makes your customers feel, full stop.

In other words: I help you tell stories about your business. Really, really good ones.


I source the academic research and latest industry reports that support your product methodology and brand authority. Then, I break it down into simple, human language that everyone understands.


Four years in print journalism taught me the storytelling and interview skills that make my content your key differentiator. I create human stories that put people at the heart of your messaging.

Industry expertise

From a content team that built a brand worth $700m, I’ve spent 4 years building my expertise in HR tech and B2B SaaS. I know your audience, what they want, and how to write content that converts them.

Camille is an incredible researcher and writer. Her strong expertise in HR topics means she writes insightful, approachable content that's backed by credible research. Her work always blew me away.

Robin Quattlebaum, Talent Lead, Playground Global

As an early-stage company, content was a bet we were making — and working with Camille was worth the investment. What impressed me most was the fundamental quality of the written work — intelligent, flowing sentences that told a story and supported our message in an understandable and relatable way. Camille did a phenomenal job.

Siadhal Magos, CEO and co-founder, Metaview

Camille ticks two big checkboxes for us: Her writing is of exceptional quality with a voice that blends the authoritative with the authentic — not to mention an understated playfulness that makes you forget you’re reading content marketing. Plus, she’s a delight to work with.

In an increasingly noisy and competitive space, finding experienced content creators who fulfil both these criteria is a rarity — and when we need a star content creator for an urgent business need or high-exposure project, I can rest easy knowing we have her on our side.

Andy Przystański, Content Marketing Lead, Lattice


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