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Parenthood, children, and mental health: four experiences

Feb 2021

We often say that we're shaped by our experiences. From those moments and memories in our childhoods as we grow into adulthood, all of these experiences – good and bad – are a formative part of who we are, what we value, and who we become.

But how can our past experiences shape who we are as parents? And how can we build connections with our children around the topic of mental health?

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How to talk to your children about mental health

Feb 2021

Whether your children want to be a doctor, an artist, or the next Neil Armstrong, parents and carers are at the forefront of helping children define what their future looks like in an ever-changing world. But an important part of that future lies in how we nurture young healthy minds, and equip our children with not only the tools to understand their own mental health, but also to talk about it, free from shame or stigma.

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Habit building: How to create healthy habits that last

Jan 2021

We're all creatures of habit, so the saying goes. But what does it take to build new ones that stick? In our newest guide Creating healthy habits that last: your five-step blueprint, we unpack the steps you need to take to make small changes that add up to big results. It covers:

- The psychology of building habits
- Why the 21-day myth might be setting you up to fail
- Five steps to follow to make changes that last

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What it feels like to experience trauma

Dec 2020

The majority of us are likely to experience a traumatic event over the course of our lifetimes. But when that experience continues to impact us long after the event occurred, it can begin to impact our mental health. In this post, Olivia shares what it's like to live with trauma – and how she's learning to cope.

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