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Stories come in many forms. The spooky campfire kind. The bedtime kind. The kind where you’re gripped to the cinema screen, a fistful of popcorn paused halfway to your mouth.

All the best stories have the hero, the quest, the challenge, the princess, the villain — and the thrills and spills.

Mine’s no different.

A little backstory

Once upon a time, there was a kid with big eyes and wild hair who was obsessed with telling stories. Usually about cats and princesses, or sometimes even cat princesses (admittedly, this last one was one failed story about an ill-fated cat princess and dog prince that may have been heavily borrowed from Romeo and Juliet).

Stories are the foundation of everything I do.

Cool story. So what does your story have to do with the one I’m trying to tell?

Great question. Good marketing is good storytelling. And I happen to be really good at storytelling. More specifically, creating editorial-quality blogs, case studies, and long-form content that tell yours.

Together we can:

Because when it comes down to it, people connect to stories, not your product features (no matter how brilliant they are).

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